Shipping Services

Agency Services

We offer a full range of agency services from cargo operations, bunkering to husbandry and owners protective agency services. We manage both spot calls and liner ships and passenger liners.

Our staff, backed by extensive agency experience and competence, provide the following services:

  • Full Port Agency – managing all port and cargo operations as well as service procurement, reporting and accounting on behalf of ship operators and charterers

  • Protective Agency – representing ship owners’ and operators’ interests in the port operations process when the charterers’ nominated agent has been appointed

  • Husbandry Agency – managing all service requirements for ship and crew, as well as bunker calls and transits

  • Cargo Agency – representing the cargo owners’ interests in the port either as the nominated agent or as the shippers/receivers agents for both wet and dry operations. Also involved in generating bill of lading

  • Crew support – arranging transport, accommodation and facilitating immigration

  • Logistics Services – arranging air freight, warehousing, distribution and customs clearance for ships spares

From the smallest spare part delivery up to the most complex operation, we take care of every aspect of our customers’ needs. We strive to achieve the highest operational efficiency, while saving costs for our principals.

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